Through GSEI's dynamic partnerships, we have had the opportunity to collaborate on various reports that have captured the energy, findings and actionable results of our events and contributed meaningfully to the understanding and advancement of our core issues.

Exploring the Growing Challenge of Diabetes Across the GCC and Within the United Arab Emirates
This 2012 Booz Allen study categorized existing diabetes prevention programs and highlighted collaborative efforts and outcomes.
Fostering Dialogue to Address the Diabetes Crisis in the UAE: Business Leaders Collaborate on Workplace Strategies
This Booz Allen 2012 report compiles information from two studies assessing diabetes prevalence and incidence, prevention programs and economic costs within the UAE, and the attitudes and behaviors that put citizens at risk of developing diabetes.
Global Business Experience Social Impact Showcase
Spring 2012 - A description of the Global Business Experience where students have the opportunity to consult abroad and address complex business challenges.
Opportunities and Obstacles to Financial Inclusion
July 2012 - The Center of Financial Inclusion has conducted a study that revealed the top ten opportunities and obstacles for financial inclusion.
Business as Unusual:The Student Guide to Graduate Programs 2011
Net Impact has published the latest edition of Business as UNusual, their annual guide to more than 100 global MBA programs throughout the world tackling everything from microfinance to international development, and all points between.
Impact 2012: What the Experts Say About Making a Difference in the New Year
To help philanthropists pursue their goals more strategically in 2012, Arabella gathered key insights from today’s visionary leaders. Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack, and 11 other prominent leaders from the public, nonprofit, and for-profit sectors contributed their ideas to the Impact 2012 Report.
McGowan Symposium Proceedings
2011 - held at Georgetown's McDonough School of Business, the symposium hopes to inspire and influence Fellows, and broaden and engage industry and thought leaders committed to socially responsible practices.
Living Longer in Mexico
October 2011- An AARP and Centro Fox report on opportunities for policy and business response to the needs of Mexico’s older populations.
Social Media = Social Change
A proceeding for the June 29, 2011 Social Media = Social Change panel discussion on the power of social media for good.