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Solutions and Speed Networking Centerpiece of Net Impact Career Networking Day

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By: Kimberly Lam (MBA’14)

Bethesda Green, Mission Measurement, Bellwether, KIPP, Hilton Worldwide, Ashoka, PSI, CDC Development Solutions/MBA without Borders, Grameen Caldas, OPIC and Leaf Clean Energy were featured companies at the Net Impact MSB club’s intimate networking event for, students and alumni interested in social impact. The day was built to demonstrate how social impact work spans across all sectors, functions and industries and was designed for students to get information from employers and vise versa.

Opening with mini-case discussions, MSB and School of Foreign Service students had the opportunity to solve real problems that the companies are currently dealing with. The Bethesda Green student team put together a plan for the company to deploy a Bethesda Green ambassador network, to spread the word about the non-profit in an organic way and tap into networks and segments passionate about being green. Students brainstormed ways for Hilton Worldwide to communicate results from its corporate social responsibility efforts that are both measurable and meaningful. Case discussions also included creating solutions for KIPP College Prep to expand its facilities, and developing a new international product roll out for MBAs Without Borders.

First-year MBA student Will Downey noted, “With such a diverse employer representation at the event, it was a reminder about how many amazing social impact opportunities there are out there, especially in Washington, D.C.”

The case presentations were followed by lunch and a series of speed networking sessions, where students spoke one-on-one or in small groups with companies of their choice. Net Impact Co-President Nate Schwartz stated, “The opportunity to chat with organization representatives in an informal and intimate setting created a number of meaningful connections. While speaking with Dave Heffernan, Director of Communications at Bethesda Green, two other students and I were able to quickly transition from small talk about our backgrounds to more personal topics such as our philosophies on social enterprise.”

Georgetown Net Impact supports students seeking careers in corporate social responsibility, sustainable business, renewable energy, international development, nonprofit management, microfinance, and social enterprise by providing exclusive job postings, networking opportunities and career education programs. The club also works with the faculty, administration, and the Student Government Association to drive the inclusion of social, environmental and related themes in the MSB graduate curriculum, and to continually raise the profile of the McDonough School of Business as a leading institution at the intersection of business and society.