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Nathan Ohle named as Senior Fellow for the Rural Opportunity Initiative (ROI)

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GSEI is pleased to announce the appointment of Nathan Ohle as a Senior Fellow for the Rural Opportunity Initiative ("ROI") at McDonough's Global Social Enterprise Initiative.  
Nathan will be assisting with program management external affairs at ROI.  He will also work closely with our partners at Iowa State University, Mississippi State, Purdue and United States Department of Agriculture.  
ROI's mission is to catalyze investment in rural communities and drive greater rural prosperity.  ROI is expected to grow into a network to promote the value of rural America and invest in its people, business and infrastructure.  ""Nathan is a terrific addition to the ROI team at Georgetown" said Matt McKenna, GSEI's Executive in Residence and team lead on ROI. "He is a skilled advocate for the role of the private sector in rural economic development."
Nathan is currently the Executive Director for the Rural Community Action Partnership ("RCAP"), where he will continue to drive access to water and economic development for rural communities.  Prior to join ROI and RCAP, Nathan served since 2014 in the Economic Develpment Authority for the United States Department of Commerce.  He hails from Michigan where he previously worked for Governor Jennifer M Granholm and graduated from Michigan State University in 2005.