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Dell Social Innovation Challenge: Vote For Our Students

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Five teams from Georgetown’s Global Social Enterprise and Development Fellows have made it to the semi-finals of the Dell Social Innovation Challenge. Cast your vote to support one or all of our teams. Go to Once there you register for the site, then go to “Discover and Vote”, type in the project name, click apply and then VOTE.

The Teams:
EDGE (Education for Global Employment): an innovative higher-education model that focuses on preparing students for today’s complex workforce through localized public-private partnerships.

KnowledgeBeat serves children in Zambia through educational camp programs and scholarships. KB cultivates positive systemic change in the way that young Zambians approach their future..

TravelGlocal is an online platform for community-based tourism agencies to advertise, take reservations, and receive reviews. Organizations may also use crowd-funding to finance community development activities.

Water for Water: Retail profits from sustainably sourced and bottled water sold to world-minded consumers in developed markets will enable sustainable, liter-for-liter, investment in safe drinking water in developing countries.

Women Driving Change employs female taxi drivers who transport women in urban Libya. This provides a safe transportation option for women by women.