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Alumni Highlight: MBA Alumnus Named to 30 Under 30 in Sustainable Business

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Though Miguel CuUnjieng (MBA’15) found the news of his being named to the GreenBiz 30 Under 30 list of corporate sustainability professionals a surprise and honor, we at GSEI say it is well deserved. With a track record of speaking up for sustainability projects at home in the Philippines and driving awareness of the Coca-Cola Foundation’s work here in the U.S. Miguel, now at Ceres has been a dogged and genuine advocate for shared value.

With such a dynamic 30 under 30 list, we at GSEI see a new generation primed to carry the shared value baton. Among his peers, Miguel sees sustainability being steadily integrated into core strategy. Among the companies his team at Ceres works with, he sees evidence that the private sector is improving in a variety of sustainability performance realms. More is needed though, as Miguel reports that the pace is not enough to address climate change or align with a post-Paris below 2 degree scenario.  

Despite that, Miguel persists in making the business case for sustainability. “It is quite heavily evidenced that operational sustainability efforts drive resource efficiency and reduce operating costs” says Miguel. “However, the business case for sustainability on the opportunities/product side the equation has not reached that same level of objectivity. My next step is working to connect the companies that have the opportunity to make this business case a reality, with the academics, advocates, investors, NGOs, and other stakeholders in this space, and directly highlight business opportunities associated with sustainable products and practices to key decision-makers”.