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Aligning Capital with Rural Opportunity: ROI Convenes Initial Planning meeting with Partners

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Over the summer GSEI launched the Rural Opportunity Initiative (ROI), an effort that aims to serve rural American communities by driving financially and socially-sustainable economic development.  Private investors are eager to identify and support rural growth opportunities, but many are not aware of what’s available, and often the deals are misaligned with traditional investment models.  To guide ROI’s launch and year one-focus, in late June 2017, GSEI and its three land-grant university partners, Iowa State, Purdue and Mississippi State, assembled policy leaders and stakeholders from finance, agriculture, the bioeconomy and the federal government to illuminate the sources of capital’s misalignment across rural America.  Later this fall, ROI and Iowa State kickoff a series of rural investment workshops in Des Moines, Iowa, aimed at tackling this misalignment and highlighting rural investment opportunities that drive both investor return and rural prosperity.