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Tech, Retail Trends to Drive ‘Un-Bundling’ of Senior Housing Services

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Senior Housing News
Several senior living companies are trying to take a page from the hotel industry’s playbook, offering a greater variety of service packages and price points. This process is being hastened by converging trends in technology and retail, according to one expert. “I’m a big believer that senior housing is going to be unbundled the way that hotels have gotten unbundled,” Liddy Manson, director of the AgingWell Hub at Georgetown University’s Global Social Enterprise Initiative, told Senior Housing News. Manson came to Georgetown after a 25-year career in technology that included founding BeClose, a smart-home platform for seniors that was sold in 2015 to The Washington, D.C.-based AgingWell Hub serves as a joint venture between Georgetown’s McDonough School of Business and multinational technology and consumer-product company Philips, with the goal of bringing together multiple public and private players in the service of developing new senior-focused technologies.