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Riding the Next Wave

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The Beeck Center for Social Impact and Innovation
The “Internet of Everything” will have a profound impact on society, as digital technologies are becoming fully integrated across all aspects of our lives, permeating every industry. So, Steve Case, Chairman of Revolution LLC and The Case Foundation and co-founder of AOL, offers some valuable insight in his book The Third Wave to answer how entrepreneurs can prepare for the ‘third wave’ of the internet. On December 6, the Beeck Center for Social Impact + Innovation, the Baker Center for Leadership and Governance, StartupHoyas, and the Global Social Enterprise Initiative at Georgetown University co-hosted a book talk with Case to discuss his vision of the future, the Internet’s different ‘waves,’ the promising role of partnerships, policy and perseverance (the 3 P’s), and the opportunities ahead to transform real-world sectors, such as education, healthcare, and agriculture. Over 200 students and professionals attended.