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Aging Readiness Panel at the Annual Conference of the American Society on Aging

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The world’s population — especially the industrialized world — is aging rapidly, and this demographic change is affecting nearly every aspect of life: public policy (think Medicare and Social Security), community and work life, consumer behavior, family structure — you name it. Philips Aging Well Think Tank will host an “Aging Readiness” panel at the Aging in America Conference 2013 in Chicago to discuss what needs to be done to maximize the opportunities and overcome the challenges of global aging.

The panel will present specific examples of initiatives and policies that have been put in place to address the needs of an aging population. Bill Novelli, MSB professor and former CEO of AARP, is a Philips Think Tank member, and will weigh in on how these examples can be applied in the U.S. with a view to finding the “tipping point” in aging readiness. He will discuss the Philips Aging Well Model, which is centered on life’s transitions, individual behaviors and health status, societal factors (including public policy and cultural expectations of aging), and an individual’s ability to engage in community life and remain independent.

Novelli will also talk about aging, social change, and what we must do to make the most of an aging population and meet the basic needs of older people. This includes health, financial security, the opportunity to contribute and be productive, the ability to connect with their communities, and the chance to have fun and recreate.

Following the panel, Philips and our Global Social Enterprise Initiative are planning a collaboration around aging in place that will delve deeper into how technology and communities can enable people to remain in their homes and communities as long as they choose to.