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U.S. Advocacy Intern at ONE Campaign

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August 21, 2013

By Ella Cohen (B’14)

My internship with the U.S. Advocacy Team at the ONE Campaign has been a fantastic experience so far. The U.S. Advocacy Team is headed by Tom Hart, the U.S. Executive Director, and includes the Government Relations, Strategic Partnerships, and Campaigns teams.

ONE’s big campaigns this summer have been agit8 and energy poverty. Being involved in these campaigns has shown me how grassroots advocacy works. Agit8 was a partnership with world famous musicians and YouTube celebrities to send anti-poverty messages to leaders at the G8 summit by using the power of protest songs. Agit8 was such an exciting campaign to kick off the summer, and I loved seeing what an incredible impact it had on ONE’s membership numbers. In fact, I have been working with my fellow interns to throw an agit8 themed happy hour to encourage interns around DC to join ONE and start ONE chapters on their college campuses.

Since ONE kicked off the energy poverty campaign in June, most of my work as an intern has revolved around doing research and organizing events around this campaign. Learning about the health, education, and financial impacts of the lack of reliable electricity in Sub-Saharan Africa has been the most eye-opening experience of my internship. Doing search on these issues, sitting in on campaign meetings, and organizing educational events on the Hill has been very fulfilling.

Overall, my experience at ONE this summer has been amazing. I have learned so much about the power of grassroots advocacy and have contributed to campaigns that truly make a difference.