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Operations and Policy Fellow at ONE Campaign

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August 21, 2013

By R. Larson Bullock (MBA’14)

Strategy, data, research, analytics. Is the data solid? What assumptions underlie the projections? It’s terms and questions like these that dominate every meeting; business-minded rigor that permeates every aspect of work at the ONE Campaign. It’s been a pleasant surprise to fit right in while utilizing MBA skills, and yet be in an environment that’s clearly mission-driven. As a fellow here for the summer, I have a unique window into the organization, and a great opportunity to apply my interest in strategy and development, particularly development finance.

Thus far I’ve been working primarily with the global policy team. I’m conducting upstream research on a variety of financial sector trends impacting Sub-Saharan Africa following this year’s flagship DATA Report: Financing the Fight for Africa’s Transformation, which highlights development spending deficits and the importance of domestic resource mobilization. It’s largely data-intensive analysis that aims to synthesize patterns of resource flows potentially available in the changing and soon to be post-MDG development landscape. I’ve been tremendously impressed with the capabilities of the policy team, and the breadth of issues covered by their advocacy efforts.

I also work with the operations team, and am currently collaborating with several counterparts in finance, human resources and the executive team on various analyses of internal and strategic significance.

The fast-paced but fun and collegial environment at ONE makes it a fantastic place to work and I’m sure the remaining weeks will pass all too quickly!