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GSEI Founder Bill Novelli Speaks About Mindful Portions and Healthy Behaviors at Chicago Summit

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Bill at FNCE conference


At the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics’ 100th Food & Nutrition Conference & Expo, Bill Novelli challenged attendees to become part of the solution and address the obesity epidemic in the US. GSEI has entered into a collaboration with Nestlé USA to further investigate the role of food portion moderation in fighting obesity. 

During a Nestlé-sponsored session addressing the current science around portion guidance and evidence-based strategies that can be used at the individual level, attendees were armed with skills for building a larger portion guidance movement within their communities. Attendees learned how they can leverage social marketing techniques and partner with other stakeholders (including those who are already developing innovative solutions) to achieve a shift in the food environment and make it easier for consumers to choose thoughtful portions. 

Bill covered social impact strategies and how to make good health and nutrition normative around the world. He reviewed social movements drivers and encouraged the audience to think about the challenges and opportunities that may arise as they move towards better health for all. Examples of social movements were included to help the audience conceptualize success and what it takes to bring about a change. He closed wtih a call for collaboration by saying “we can do so much more together.”