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About the Global Social Enterprise Initiative


The Georgetown Global Social Enterprise Initiative (GSEI) brings the power and innovation generated by cross-sector partnerships to bear on the world's most pressing problems by emphasizing implementation and measureable social change. 

What is GSEI?

How do you SEE Value? As an initiative of the School of Business, GSEI strives to expose career professionals and students to how social, economic, and environmental (SEE) value can facilitate large-scale and lasting change. 

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GSEI is built on robust partnerships with corporations, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations. Our partners and collaborators bring opportunities for students, faculty, and stakeholders to think critically about how organizations can look across sectors and SEE Value in large scale and lasting change.

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GSEI features an expanding array of programs to engage our stakeholders. 

Educate. We equip current and future leaders with practical skills to identify and respond to social and environmental challenges in their careers.

Solve Problems. We build programs to tackle local and global problems and create lasting change.  

Conduct Research. We produce and promote independent research that can be applied to practice and catalyzes solutions. 

Convene. We provide neutrality, bringing together partners and critics to respond jointly to problems. 

Elevate Issues. We spotlight emerging issues and trends needing attention and action. 

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Students and Alumni

Students are core to GSEI's work. The initiative was founded in cooperation with students who now remain active alumni. GSEI's student leaders today serve as program leaders, researchers, and ambassadors for the initiative and the social enterprise field. 

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GSEI By the Numbers

Learn about GSEI in detail

  • 2011

    Year Founded

    GSEI will be celebrating it’s 5th year anniversary this year.

  • 2000+

    GSEI Network

    Consisting of stakeholders, alumni, partners, students, and social enterprise proponents - with whom we collaborate and share our work.

  • 130+

    Distinguished Speakers

    Our guest speakers discuss important topics including impact investing, international development, health & well-being, and economic growth.

  • 80+

    GSEI Student Leaders since 2011

    Our student leaders play an active role in GSEI's cross-sector partnerships, innovative program offerings and hands-on learning opportunities.

  • 20+

    Partners and Collaborators

    Our partners and collaborators bring opportunities for students, faculty, and stakeholders to think critically about how business and cross-sector collaboration can facilitate solutions and lasting change.