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Impact Investments
Changing Policy to Increase Impact Investments

By Michael McLaughlin (MBA’15)

Can opportunities for impact investments – dollars that yield both financial and social returns for investors – be increased if policy adjustments...

Fellows Dinner
GSED Fellows Graduating Class

By Michael McLaughlin (MBA’15)

Anne Devine (M’14) was selected by her peers as the Outstanding Fellow for 2014.

The first class of Global Social Enterprise and...

Philips Re-launches Brand – Innovation and You

By Robert Brandt (MBA’14)

The light bulb was a transformative innovation when Philips launched it 120 years ago. Today, Philips’s innovative spirit remains as it continues to push...

Rural America
Reimagining Rural America

By Michael McLaughlin (MBA’15)

“…most people think of ranching in a romantic light, but I don’t see it that way. I’m not a cowboy, I run a business.” – April Bonds

Vishal Agrawal
Environmental Impact of Servicizing

By Michael McLaughlin (MBA’15)

Can businesses be greener while also increasing profits? Professor Vishal Agrawal’s ...

Georgetown Students Publish Primer on the Intersection of Impact Investing and International Development

By Michael McLaughlin (MBA’15)

“Impacting investing” is abuzz. Yet what it truly is and how it works is still not understood by many investors both in the private and public...

GHD fellows
Business and Development Fellows Selected

By Michael McLaughlin (MBA’15)

Seventeen Global Social Enterprise and Development (GSED) Fellows for the 2014-2015 academic year were selected earlier this month. Manish Padhiar,...

Omidyar Network Investing In Development

By: Trent Van Alfen (MBA’15)

As the...

Mae McDonnell
Activist "Procotts" and Boycotts Affect Corporate Reputation

By Michael McLaughlin (MBA’15)

Companies respond to boycotts by increasing their charitable giving. This is the key finding of Professor Mary-Hunter (Mae) McDonnell’s recent study...

Andrea Perez Castro
Andrea Perez Castro On Grameen Caldas Merger with Yunus Social Business Colombia

By Michael McLaughlin (MBA’15)

Grameen Caldas is going national, thanks in part to McDonough School of Business (MSB) alumna Andrea Perez Castro. A veteran of the Inter-American...

Brian Moynihan
Bank of America CEO Discusses Investment, Impact, and Strengthening the Middle Class

By Michael McLaughlin (MBA’15)

Before the conversation with Warren Buffett, Chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, and Bank of America CEO Brian Moynihan on September 19 in...

gsei logo
Impact Fund at Georgetown?

By Kimberly Lam (MBA’14)

As Georgetown and the McDonough School of Business remain at the forefront of business and society, students continue to push the limits to make Georgetown...

Tobacco Control Informs Childhood Obesity Movement

As industry, the public health community, government and others focus on the obesity crisis, the question often arises, “What can we learn from efforts to reduce tobacco use that might apply...

Matthew Swift
Concordia Launches P3 Global Index

By Michael McLaughlin (MBA’15)


(RED) Global Marketing Strategy Fellow

August 21, 2013

By Lindsay Bruinsma (MBA’14)

Interning with (RED) this summer has been an incredible experience – and one I never envisioned possible when I entered my MBA...

Operations and Policy Fellow at ONE Campaign

August 21, 2013

By R. Larson Bullock (MBA’14)

Strategy, data, research, analytics. Is the data solid? What assumptions underlie the projections? It’s terms and questions...