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Government Should Promote Wellness, Not Impede It

We all know that obesity and related chronic health conditions have a significant impact on our health care system, economy, and even national security. Read more.

Pope Francis calls on business and on humanity to take bolder steps to preserve our planet and “Care for our Common Home” in his recent encyclicalRead more.

Paul Almeida Training Next Gen Bipartisan Leaders

Four U.S. presidential centers and foundations have launched a program to inspire and build the next generation of bipartisan leaders. Paul Almeida, senior associate dean for executive education at the McDonough School of Business, and Michael O’Leary, teaching professor of management, will collaborate with the foundations to design and implement the Presidential Leadership Scholars program. Read more.

Igniting a Millennial Movement to Save the World’s Oceans

Daniela Fernandez, a junior government major and founder and president of the Georgetown Sustainable Oceans Alliance, has been name the Global Social Enterprise Initiative (GSEI) Leader of the Year. Read more.

Sustainable Oceans Summit Promises to Harness Millennial Energy

Legendary explorer and Mission Blue Founder Sylvia Earle, National Geographic CEO Gary Knell, and Undersecretary of State Cathy Novelli called on millennials to activate and help restore marine health. Read more.

Unintended Consequences: Caregivers May Be a Barrier to the Aging Becoming Tech Savvy

The Global Social Enterprise Initiative (GSEI) at Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business and Philips released the final results of a three-part aging study today, revealing that family caregivers are unintentional barriers to technology adoption and usage by older adults in their care…Read more.

Can Rural America be Saved? A New National ‘Challenge’ tries to see

On a windy hilltop, midway between the twisting waters of the New River and the folds of Draper Mountain, Lee Spiegel works alone. Her uniform is utilitarian: jeans and a black fleece jacket for warmth, Crocs to battle the mud, and white wraparound sunglasses to shield her eyes from the winter sun. Read more.

Corporations Sponsor Nonprofits for Innovative Revenue Management Program

A dozen companies and foundations have sponsored more than 80 nonprofit organizations from across the country to participate in “New Strategies,” a nonprofit revenue management program recently launched by the Global Social Enterprise Initiative… Read more.

Partnership Explores Niger Delta

Promoting economic growth and addressing conflict in the Niger Delta in a socially responsible manner will be the focus of a new Georgetown partnership, announced Feb. 6. Read More.

Investment That Can End Poverty

Some business schools and MBA students see impact investing as a way to make a difference, as well as turn a profit. Read more.

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