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Investment Key to Climate Change Challenge

“The solution to climate change is not generations away” US Secretary of State John Kerry assured international investors, corporate executives, and policymakers attending the Climate and Clean Energy Investment Forum, Climate change is an urgent matter that needs to be dealt with to “honor our commitment to future generations,” he continued. Read more.

Companies Doing Good and Doing Well Make Fortune Magazine Change the World List, Convene at McDonough

This year, Fortune Magazine added a new annual list to its iconic portfolio. While many of Fortune’s well-known lists, including the marquee Fortune 500, are based on traditional quantitative business metrics such as gross revenue, the inaugural “Change the World” List highlights 50 innovative companies who are doing well by doing good as part of their core business and profit-making strategy. Read more.

GSEI Explores the Evolution of CSR

A robust and meaningful corporate social responsibility (CSR) platform is a journey, according to Andrew Plepler, global corporate social responsibility executive at Bank of America, one that requires leadership and collaboration. Read more.

Congratulations to Arabella Advisors on it’s 10th Anniversary

When it comes to cooking up a successful social enterprise, discovering the perfect dose of business savvy to compliment a focus on social good has proven to be a challenging recipe. Read more.

Bank of America Reinvests in Georgetown’s Global Social Enterprise Initiative

The Global Social Enterprise Initiative (GSEI) at Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business has received $500,000 from the Bank of America Charitable Foundation to support the initiative’s work in training business leaders to create social, economic, and environmental value. Read more.

Baby Boomers Back in the D.C. Startup Game, Working With Their Kids

This January, the most senior of the baby boomers will celebrate their 70th birthday. But the 76 million newborns who came on the scene post-WWII are now booming in a different way. Read more.

GSEI Hosts Panel About Modeling Successful CSR Strategies

A growing number of companies are realizing their philanthropic goals by scaling their business operations; enabling them to implement global solutions that address some of the toughest social, economic, health, and environmental issues. Read more.

GSEI Hosts Bank of America Student Leaders

For the past decade, Bank of America has devoted a portion of its resources to cultivating and developing the next generation of community leaders through its Student Leaders® Program. Read more.

Can Technology Keep Pace with an Aging America?

Bill Novelli, founder of the Global Social Enterprise Initiative (GSEI) at Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business and former CEO of AARP, talked with Politico executive director Stephanie Losee about the challenges of and potential solutions for our rapidly aging population. Read more.

Philips, in Collaboration with Global Social Enterprise Initiative, Announces Unique New AgingWell Hub

Today during the White House Conference on Aging, Philips announced the creation of the AgingWell Hub (AWH), a unique new research center for open innovation that will examine and share solutions for aging well. Read more.

  • On Human Flourishing – an interview with Bill Novelli